The ultimate guide to decluttering your garage

If you suffer from the “messy garage syndrome”, you do not need to worry; there are ways to cure this condition once and for all. Starting with the common garage racking systems that can do wonders in treating your condition, you can use various other methods to keep your garage organised and clean. With the right type of racking and shelving and a couple of rules for the whole family, you will be able to keep your garage tidy and actually find the things you store there whenever you need them.

First rule: Sort your things out!
If you wish to have a clean and tidy garage, the first things you need to do is select the things worth keeping and get rid of everything else. Take everything out and throw away faulty items, things you forgot you owned or have not used once in the past year, because you will probably never use them in the future either. It is important to carry out this process before purchasing the garage racking system, because you will probably need fewer shelves than you thought you would. After throwing away the useless stuff, you will have fewer things to organise. It is also easier to visualise the result you want with an empty garage, so you will be able to come up with a better strategy.

Second rule: Allocate specific areas for every item!
With your garage empty and clean, creating specific zones for everything will be a lot easier. Think about the things you will need to fit inside and take a good look at the empty space in front of you, then decide where everything will go. Make sure you find a solution for the bulkier items, such as getting custom shelving systems. You should also sort your belongings according to importance. For instance, place your gardening tools in the most accessible place, if you know that you will take them out on a daily basis.

Third rule: Choose your racking and shelving carefully!
After sorting and categorising your items according to priority, and establishing a specific place for everything, you will have an easier time choosing the garage racking systems. If you own a bike, for example, you will need to get heavy-duty hooks to hang it on the wall, while your utensil tools will fit perfectly inside boxes. You should also take into consideration the weight of the items you need to store or hang and buy a sturdy enough racking system. Be sure to take exact measurements of the garage to ensure that the shelves you purchase will fit in perfectlyand make a list with the items you need to purchase – shelves, hooks and racks included. Make sure you add the important details such as dimensions and the weight they are supposed to support before going shopping.

Finally, after purchasing the garage racking systems, you will need to place everything inside as orderly as possible. With the items already organised according to importance and the plan already made, arranging items will be a walk in the park.

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