Facts everyone gets wrong about vaping

It should be common knowledge that vaping is potentially enormously beneficial to public health. Unfortunately, people are still uncertain whether they should use e-cigs to replace tobacco cigarettes or not. Major media misinformation makes people think it is unsafe to do so. First, one should know that there is a clear distinction between different electronic cigarettes. The products that look like regular cigarettes and come pre-filled are low quality and have limited flavour options. You can find them in gas stations and convenience stores. Even these low-end e-cigs are healthier replacements for regular cigarettes, but you can still do better and choose products from an actual vape store Melbourne. Advanced Personal Vaporizers also known as APVs, as well as Vape Mods are preferable, because users can moderate the amount of vapor and they do not come pre-filled, which means that one gets to choose what type of e-liquid and flavour they will use. The mass-market e-cigs that imitate regular cigarettes have a high concentration of nicotine and are low in vapor, while the second option is a bit more expensive, but offer more flavour and allow you to cut down the dose of nicotine bit by bit.

While the media does not differentiate between the two types of products, people are misinformed. It is important to know that e-liquids manufacturers provide a complete list of ingredients. Those interested in learning what is inside the vapor they are inhaling can immediately get peace of mind with a quick online search. Generally, e-liquids are made from vegetable glycerine, propylene glycol, which is also used in asthma inhalers, food grade flavourings and pharmaceutical-grade nicotine. None of these ingredients are harmful, so as long as you check the list of ingredients and purchase the e-liquid yourself, there is absolutely no need to be concerned about any negative effect on your health. Vaping is perfectly safe, if you choose the right type of products, not to mention that even the e-cigs found in grocery shops have been proved a healthier alternative to tobacco cigarettes.

Another interesting fact about e-liquid and vaping is the fact that they contain very low nicotine levels. You can also find zero-nicotine e-liquid, so you can vap without problems after quitting smoking without fearing that you will feel the need to increase the dose and go back to tobacco after a time. Therefore, users can decrease the nicotine strength little by little until they are able to quit it for good without suffering any side effect. What is more, the taste of the vapor with low levels of nicotine is better. The e-liquids you can find in a Melbourne vape store have truly interesting flavours that range from watermelon to rum and various interesting mixtures. While people are concerned that not enough studies have been made about e-cigs, the truth is that numerous studies have already emerged and can be found online about the effect of regular tobacco cigarettes compared to vaping and they are all in favour of vaping. What is more, these studies show that there is no risk to human health from e-cigs emissions.

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