E-cigs or traditional tobacco: which will it be?

A matter of considerable controversy is the issue of whether electronic cigarettes are truly a beneficial alternative to tobacco. While there is no doubt that electronic cigarettes are the new “it” thing, there are still many people that claim that switching to this type of smoking is actually more dangerous. The truth is that when making a radical decision related to completely changing your habits, it is necessary to get all the facts in order to be sure that you will make the best decision because you cannot really rely on word of mouth. This basically means analysing what the possible advantages and disadvantages are in what concerns alternative forms of smoking. The question that ultimately lies on the lips of everyone is the following: are e-cigs bad for the health?

To begin with, e-cigarette Melbourne is basically a device that runs on batteries and delivers nicotine to the user. Very frequently this nicotine is accompanied by various flavours and chemicals that imitate smoking. The process is most frequently referred to as vaping because of the vaporized liquid that is inhaled. However, the general experience of smoking is the same owing to the fact that it involves inhaling nicotine and the devices is designed so as to bear the same shape as normal cigars. It cannot be affirmed that electronic cigarettes are better for the health as many companies advertise in their commercials, but on the other hand there is no solid proof that they are really bad for you. The task is made even more difficult owing to the fact that there is very little information available on the chemicals found in the E-liquid. However, many studies and researchers have managed to prove that e-cig Melbourne is less dangerous. This conclusion is supported by the toxic comparison realized between the e-cig and tobacco. Many unanimously agree that the level of toxins found is lower in e-liquids. More surprising is the fact that the carcinogen content did not represent a serious health concern. As a result, electronic cigarettes may not be totally free of health issues, but they do not cause as much damage as it was believed.

Other studies even go so far as to claim that electronic cigarettes are valuable tools for reducing the urge to smoke and there is actually some evidence in this sense. For instance, it has been proven that in certain cases addicts have managed to reduce their cravings, not to mention the fact that the withdraw effects are not that severe. Regardless of all these factors, there are also some practical benefits to giving up traditional tobacco. The main advantage is that you will not have to deal with the unbearable odour associated with traditional cigarettes. While you may feel it, other definitely will. Maybe the most important aspect that interests smokers is the price. Contrary to popular belief, e-cigs are less expensive because the costs implied are almost half as compared to traditional tobacco. This is because tobacco is subject to many taxes and regular inflation. All in all, it can be affirmed that the e-cig is the winner of this competition and that by choosing them you have a lot to gain.

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