Puerto Plata, the hidden treasure of the Dominican Republic

If you want to spend a relaxing holiday, away from the hassle and the noise of the city, then you should start looking for a less popular, yet breathtaking beach resort. Puerto Plata, for instance, could be the answer to your needs. This place, situated in the northern part of the Amber Coast is maybe one of the best kept secrets of the Dominican Republic. However, those who participate and organize Puerto Plata excursions will have the chance to discover a city with breathtaking views and plenty of natural beauties. This is due to the fact that its two miles of powdery amber beaches are surrounded by high mountains, bathed in the fretting crystal clear waters of the Atlantic Ocean. The name of the city has been named to designate the main two particularities of the region: its sparkling beaches (“plata” also means silver, in Spanish) and the natural harbor found in the surroundings. Puerto Plata tours are often accompanied by the tropical air of the Caribbean atmosphere, which makes this destination one of the best choices you could ever make.

In spite of the fact that this resort is not as popular as other, internationally known by visitors, it actually has some of the best beaches in the world. Playa Dorada (the Golden Beach) should definitely be your first choice, if you want to spend a relaxing time in an unrealistic place. Its beauty and delicacy has started to attract more and more people annually, not to mention the extremely luxurious facilities tourists can now benefit from. You can get all-inclusive offers in exchange for affordable prices, because Puerto Plata excursions are characterized by great customer service, diversity and resourcefulness. This region has everything you may want: golf courses, sports fields, spas, shopping centers, not to mention the incredible view on the gorgeous shoreline. Whether you are the type of tourist that likes to party or you prefer to chill on the beach and enjoy the sunny days, you will get everything you need in Puerto Plata. As far as unique attractions are concerned, you must also know about the cable car (the only one available in the Caribbean) and San Felipe Fort, and fort dating from the 16th century, which has recently been transformed into a museum.

In case you are a fan of water sports, then you should know that you can visit Cabarete, a coastal village you will find after driving for about 25 minutes from Puerto Plata. This small village is well known by those who are passionate about water activities, being considered the capital of kite boarding and windsurfing. You can try snorkeling and deep sea fishing, and since these are organized as a daytrip, you cannot complain about not having time enough to enjoy the aquatic experience. If you visit the area, make sure you do not miss the Paradise Island, which can be easily reached after a short and thrilling ATV trip. Learn about the unknown beauties of Puerto Plata, and get ready to venture and discover this unique and hidden jewel of the Dominican Republic.

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