The best beaches in the Riviera Maya

Why do beach vacations fascinate us? For some, it’s the irresistible call of the ocean waves, inviting them to go for a swim or go snorkeling. For others, it’s the allure of laying down on the warn and soft sand and admiring the natural landscape. No matter what drives you to the beach, you should know that few places in the world are as beautiful as Riviera Maya. This stretch of land is situated in Central America, between Puerto Morelos and Tulum and, apart from being home to some of the most awe-inspiring Mayan cultural sights, it offers many miles of beaches that can impress even the most demanding tourist. In fact, these beaches are so famous that sometimes they are the only reasons why people book for Riviera Maya excursions. Here are some examples that you must include on your list.

No matter who organizes Riviera Maya tours, Maroma Beach is unquestionably the first option included in the itinerary and it’s not difficult to understand why. Year after year, this heavenly spot receives an award from tourism magazines and websites thanks to its incredible views and luxury amenities. Not only is Maroma Beach an oasis for those looking for peace and quiet, but also a heaven for supporters of the environment. Both the flora and the aquatic wildlife are adequately preserved on this beach that is only a short 10 minute drive from Playa del Carmen.

Those who want to do more than lay in the sun should definitely have a trip to Paraiso Beach in Tulum. Apart from a dreamlike landscape, this beach offers an extra treat for those who want to do more than just lie in the sun. It is also home to the ruins of Tulum, so when you get bored of swimming and sunbathing you can go on a tour to learn more about the cultural footprint of the Mayan people. If you are not that interesting in swimming and you would rather enjoy some peace and quiet, we recommend Xpu-Ha, where the waters are very shallow and you can have fun even if you can’t swim. This are is a bit isolated from the others, which makes it perfect for honeymoons, romantic getaways and family holidays. For something more adventurous, head over to Allegro, in Cozumel, where the water is deeper.

Last, but not least, if you love to party and want the beach to have plenty of clubs and bars, then Mamitas Beach is undoubtedly the best option for you. It’s not a good spot for a serene family vacation, but there is no better choice if you want to stay up to see the sunrise and dance all night long. Mamitas Beach is an international spot for party lovers and the clubs here collaborate with DJs such as Tiesto and David Guetta. People all over the world come to this beach for entertainment and it’s worth visiting one of their clubs at least once in a lifetime. As you can see, Riviera Maya is an incredibly and diverse region that takes beach vacations to the next level.

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