The traces of Mayan encounters in Cancun

Cancun is situated right in the northern region of the Yucatan Peninsula and it is widely known to have been the meeting point of the Mayan and the Hispanic people. Researchers have found historical evidence that suggest that the presence of the Mayan civilization go as far back as 1800 BC. What many may not know is the fact that they used to call themselves the inhabitants of the Chosen Land and they expanded into Central America as well. The main reason for which so many people choose Cancun tours is the fact that they desire to see the famous traces of the Mayan civilization. While it is clear that Cancun has much more to offer in point of tourist entertainment such as night life and white sandy beaches, the cultural attractions are the true reason for which millions of people get on the plane and come to visit Mexico.

To begin with, you can find here numerous archeological sites such as Chichen Itza and Tulum. Chichen Itza is the biggest archeological site of the Yucatan Peninsula and it is protected by the UNESCO World Heritage that has recognized its cultural value. The site is located right near Cancun, at about 125 km, and once you get here you can feast your eyes on pyramids, temples and columns. The region is basically a combination between Mayan city and Toltec settlement. When visiting Chichen Itza, many tourists simply become amazed when they see the Castillo pyramid that has 355 steps. It used to be used as a cosmological building and everything about its construction is symbolic. For instance, the 365 steps represent the number of days in the solar year, while the 52 panels depict the years from the Mayan century as well as the weeks. The interesting detail is represented by the Mayan courtyard which was used as a playground for a ball game that strongly resembles soccer. The yard also had to be big enough in order to allow the participation of spectators as well. If you desire to see more ruins, you can take Cancun excursions to the El Ray ruins which are not far from the city and can be reached by public transport owing to the fact that it is located near the hotel area.

While it is not considered to be one of the top attractions as Tulum and others, this site is appealing in the sense that it is harmonious and anyone can enjoy an escape from the hustle and bustle of the city life. Finally, there is the El Meco where you can delight in seeing the famous Mayan pyramids. At present is consists of 14 structures that are divided between the coast line and the lagoon. Even though the site is relatively small, it features amazing architectural structures as the El Castillo and The Castle. What is interesting to find out is that the employees have well maintained the structure of the buildings and that El Meco is full of temples and administrative buildings. If architecture and history is what you are interested in, then you should not pass on the chance to visit Cancun.

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