How much should you spend on a canvas print?

Generally, you can immediately tell when an item is overpriced by using common sense or by comparing prices from multiple suppliers. However, things are not as simple when it comes to art and consequently printed canvases, mainly because businesses need to take into consideration more than the production costs and charge for the artistic value of the canvas as well. The quality of the print and canvas will also influence the price of a canvas, so establishing an exact price for printed canvases is quite difficult. The only way you can determine whether the printed canvas you plan to purchase is worth the money or not, is by first finding out how much specialists estimate one should pay for the works created by that specific artist.

The signature on the canvas should be enough to help you establish its real value. If the canvas you plan to purchase is a simple piece created for decorative purposes, you should simply ask yourself whether you are ready to pay that sum to get your hands on it. Depending on how much you like it you will be or not be willing to spend your money on it. What is the use of finding cheap canvases, if you have no desire to hand them on your walls? Instead of hunting for the best price, you should look for a work that you actually like within your budget. You also have to keep in mind that with increase in demand, comes a decrease in price, so the canvas prices have lowered considerably in the past few years.

Of course, things are different when you wish to print a canvas, because you will provide the picture or the art. In this case, you should only pay for the production costs and the quality of the services provided by the business you hired. It is easy to find out whether canvas printing services are overpriced or not, because you can instantly compare prices online. What is more, most providers establish a price depending on the size of the canvas, so as long as you have a size in mind and send them the picture you want to get printed, you will not be charged more than stated in the beginning. Make sure to check the printing method as well. Comparing prices for products on which were used two distinct printing methods will not help you in the slightest. Check out the pros and cons of each printing method and focus on finding the cheapest service that uses that technology.

While some printing companies ask more for their services, it might not be an attempt to swindle you, but on the contrary. As much as a cheap price might entice you, you should still think about the quality of the print. If the ink fades after a couple of months, your money saving attitude might not be the best thing. You should carefully check the quality of the prints and decide whether you should pay a couple of dollars more for the guarantee of durability.

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