Photo collage: the perfect gift idea

The choice of the perfect gift is always a difficult one owing to the fact that you want to give your friend for his birthday something that he will cherish for years to come. Not only do you wish your gift to be something special, but it should be something that he actually likes. Many are often confronted with the problem that the present purchased does not appeal to the person who receives it. The truth is that it is hard to truly get to know what a person desires according to his general preferences such as tastes in music or leisure time activities. The easiest way out of the dilemma is to compile a personalized collage that he will surely appreciate. Given that the collage represents a mixture of pictures taken from everyday life, it is the ideal way in which you can commemorate the important events in his life while at the same time giving something original.

To begin with, photomontage is one of the oldest techniques used in visual arts and supposes the creation of a whole from the assemblage of different parts. It often includes components such as text, paint, ribbons, bits taken from magazines and newspapers. Basically you are creating a single picture. There two main types of collages that you can realizer depending on your skills. There is firstly the traditional photomontage that consists of images cut and placed on a certain background and there is the more advanced digital photomontage that allows the creation of amazing collage prints. There are still many people who prefer the old-fashioned decoupage that consists of decorating an object with a picture. Not only are photomontages useful for embellishment, but they represent a form of artistic expression. When setting out to assemble the images it is important to thoroughly consider the special occasion for which you intend it. For instance, photomontages can be used in order to commemorate events such as weddings or holidays due to the fact that the images depict the story up to that moment. Consequently, the images chosen should reflect the story and be powerful enough so as to evoke a specific mood.

Given that many people choose to share the moments in their lives through the intermediary of social platforms, it is relatively easy to compile the images that you need on the collage canvas. With image-editing software you are able to choose the background and opt from a large variety of templates. It is not even necessary to upload the photos into the software. In the process of selecting the photos it is advisable to use only high-quality images that lack imperfections, although some can be corrected digitally. The quality of the photo may be altered as well owing to the size of the picture that is in danger of becoming blurry if resized. Attention must be paid to the fact that digital editing software offers tools for the creation of simple or more complex collages and for this reason you should be aware what you download. To conclude, the end result will be nothing but positive owing to the fact that you create something personalized.

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