Do Lee County Liquor Laws allow the selling of alcohol in grocery stores?

With a population of over 661,115 persons registered at the latest census, Lee County is one of the most recognizable counties in the sunny State of Florida. Regardless if you live in Cape Coral, the largest city, Fort Myers which is the county seat or any other settling in the area, you have to have considered at least once to open a small neighborhood business. As restaurants and hotels are harder to maintain and demand more work from behalf of their proprietors, the only logical alternative remains to open a store or small market-like shop close to where you live. But can you actually have alcohol there? We all know that a major part of the revenues drawn in by establishments of this sort are derived from the selling of strong drinks so it is vital that you consult the Lee County liquor license laws before taking any type of decision. Moreover, it is even better if you consult specialists in the field who can point you in the right direction when it comes to obtaining the necessary legal documents and permits. Surely, you must have realized by now that getting your hands on a Lee County or Collier County liquor license are two completely different things and hence the need for specialized assistance.

All business owners operating in the Fort Myers area and the entire county for that matter can now easily focus their efforts on obtaining these permits, since the improvements on a financial level are significant. In comparison to this, the efforts are almost equal to nothing if you resort to professionals for the mediation of the process. For grocery stores, in particular, the news are nothing but extraordinary. Since 2015, Florida lawmakers began to relax the alcohol selling laws on a statewide scale. As a consequence of their decision, all types of supermarkets are now allowed to hold and distribute hard liquor and other similar drinks. You might argue that this was already possible before 2015, but there was a limitation in the legislation which prevented owners from offering clients hard alcohol.

The only drinks permitted were wine and beer which is hardly enough for making a large profit margin. Now, lawmakers have also included products like whiskey or vodka in the list with the condition that the supermarket has a separate entrance for the alcohol selling area. This means a small initial investment from behalf of the management in arranging the space so that it complies with the current legislation but the amount of money put into this will be quickly covered by the increase in sales and especially the increase in expensive drink sales. The separation of areas inside the supermarket is also intended to prevent the problem of minors accessing the drinks more easily and provides an elegant, money rendering solution that makes everyone happy. If you want to join the ranks of high earning store owners, then you definitely need to consult an expert company that can assist you in finding this sort of license. The rest will be history!

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