Things to check before buying property in the Algarve

In the past years, the region of Algarve in Portugal has made a great statement on the international real estate market, emerging as one of the most coveted places to own property. Most of its popularity is due to the wonderful landscape in the region and the massive increase in the seasonable number of tourists. Properties the Algarve are highly valued, which means that more and more people are looking for apartments and houses for sale in Algarve, some to actually relocate there, others to rent them and make profit. There are many real estate companies and individual agents that help foreigners find the best properties there, so the process is much easier than it would have been a decade ago. Needless to say, the entire process can be streamlined by browsing properties online first and making sure they tick all the boxes before paying. However simpler the process may have become, there still are some criteria you need to check rigorously in advance.

First of all, out of all villas for sale Algarve has to offer, you should find out that is well built, has all the facilities you want and offers a splendid view. With so many beautiful properties available, you could be distracted and lose your focus, so try to create a list of priorities and stick to it. Looking at photos of it online helps to some extent, but you should never pay the seller without inspecting the villa personally. Always remember to make an inspection trip and check the villa down to the smallest details. Look beyond how it looks on the interior and exterior: ask about the neighbours, the security of the neighbourhood and the quality of the plumbing system. To be really thorough, ask a home inspector to accompany you on your trip. This way, you will not fall for marketing tricks and you will pay the amount of money the house truly deserves. If you plan to move there with the entire family, then ask your real estate agent about available schools or kindergartens nearby.

Secondly, if you are one of the buyers who wants to buy property for profit and then rent it to tourists, you should make sure your villa is in touristic area and offers access to popular beaches and attractions. Rentals can be complicated if, as a landlord, you live and work in another country, so try to look for a company that can also look after the property for you while you are away. Obviously, to maintain profit, you need to think ahead and invest in a property whose value is expected to increase in the future. This is where the help of an experienced agent is essential. Especially as a foreigner, you might not know all the secrets and trends of the Portuguese real estate market, so collaborate with someone who can offer you sound advice. Last, but not least, regardless the purpose of investment, be realistic and only buy properties that you can afford to maintain.

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