The ultimate guide to buying a sofa

Buying a new sofa is nothing short of a challenge for someone that has no clue what makes a good sofa and a fun experience for someone that knows exactly what to look for and a chance to show off their decorating skills. Most people lack basic information when shopping upholstery and this can only end up in disaster: either they purchase something of low quality or an overpriced item. It is important to make an accurate distinction between your options in order to make a good choice. Store clerks will always swear their sofas for sale are the best and only show you the full part of the glass, so you will need to learn how to see the empty part as well in order to make an accurate assessing of the sofa. Following are a few guidelines that can help you choose a high quality sofa.

The frame
Starting with the frame of the sofa, you should always check what type of materials is inside the sofa you plan to buy. Products are as durable as their lowest quality materials, so make sure you thoroughly inspect every element. Sometimes, even the most expensive looking sofas can hide surprises. Do not assume that a cheap sofas Sydney supplier sells lower quality products than an expensive store, you should check that by yourself, because you can. The frame of a sofa is very important and it needs to be strong. Look for frames made of solid hardwood, preferably kiln-dried. Not only the material, but also the way in which parts are put together is important. Make sure they are assembled with screws, wood blocks and metal corner braces, as they will last a lifetime.

The padding
The cushions and paddings of a sofa are also important. Besides the obvious question regarding the comfort they offer, the cushions are also prone to wear and tear. Choosing high quality upholstery will ensure that you will be able to enjoy your sofa for a longer time. Check out how many layers of padding and foam rubber is used, because thin cushioning will wear out easily against the sharp edges of the frame. You can test whether a sofa is well padded by patting its sides and back. It should be full, not shallow.

The fabric
When looking for sofas for sale, you should not settle with the fabric they expose inside the store. Generally, they offer a wide selection of materials you can choose from and you should take advantage of that to choose something that will meet your specific needs. If you have a toddler in the house and he or she likes to draw on every available surface, you should orient yourself towards a material that is easy to clean. If you have pets, you should avoid materials that are easy to scratch and gather hair and so on. You can ask the store clerk more details about each type of fabric before making the purchase and check online for the advantages and disadvantages of lounging on a sofa made of leather or synthetic material.

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