The basics of water leak detection and its importance

Water leaks are most frequently present in old buildings owing to the faulty installation, but not only. While the biggest concern is with the systems that are installed in modern buildings such as museums due to the fact that water infiltrations are a serious threat to valuable artifacts and other assets, it can take place in your own home and have devastating effects in the sense that the excessive water can bring damage to the structure of the house. Consequently, the house or building is likely to deteriorate faster than expected and it can even collapse on the residents. The ricerca perdite can come from pipes and even fittings, which in their turn cause a lot water waste and for which you are most likely to be taxed in the utility bill. The reason for which so many go undetected is the fact that they can also take the form of simple drips from the faucets.

Even so, there are so many people who are either death to the sound of dripping water or consciously ignore them. A water infiltration can be the result of a multitude of factors. To begin with, deterioration is the number one cause of pipe leaks and this happens because the installation simply grows old and corrodes. In addition to this, triggering factors such as temperature and unregulated water pressure should not be ignored. The fact is that many of these imperfections or accidents are usually detected with the help of special inspection tools and the issue can be mended without turning into a serious problem. The need for special tools is justified by the fact that most times the water flow is completely silent. As a general rule, professionals perform pipeline detection and in the course of this process a hydrostatic test is carried out in order to test the pressure vessels. What happens is that the pipe system is filled with liquid and pressure tightness is verified. Pressure tightness involves shutting down the supply valve so as to be able to see any visible pressure loss.

It is really a shame to know that if properly maintained, they last for many years to come. Besides the fact that they detect the perdita acqua, leak detection systems can also contribute to the increase of the pipe system productivity. Moreover, before calling in the specialist there are a couple of measures that you yourself can take. In the first place it is a good idea to verify the pressure relief valve on the hot water tank because they can be installed directly into a drain. In addition to this, the toilets can be regularly checked by removing the lid off the tank and listening for any unusual sounds. While they usually go unchecked, toilets are the most common source of water leaks. Finally, what you can do is to is to pay close attention to the line that runs from the meter to the house because you can locate the leak and the plumber will do his job faster than usual if he knows the source. To conclude, water leaks can represent a real threat and it is advisable to not ignore them no matter how unimportant they may seem.

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