Why update your video files to the most modern format

At present, many users have faced their fair share of compatibility issues which usually arise when the user is set on uploading the latest clip to Facebook. The greatest disadvantage with all the file formats that are available today is the fact that you are not allowed to view just any clip owing to the fact that most video players simply do not support all types of file formats. This can come as an issue when, for example, you try to view Beyoncé’s latest music video from the tablet or phone. The problem that is most frequently encountered with most clips is not only the fact that they occupy a lot of space on the hard drive, but they also prevent you from posting them on popular distribution channels such as YouTube and Vimeo that only accept certain formats and the uploading time takes very long to be finalized. Consequently, the files need to be compressed, which basically means that the size of the file is reduced significantly, just as is the case with archive files.

By compression, the information contained in the file is not lost by any means, what happens is that the unnecessary data is removed. An online video converter basically makes an analysis of the video input and dispenses of the useless information. In the process of signal analysis each individual event is assigned a code. There is a clear difference between lossless and lossy compression. To begin with, the lossless compression maintains all the original data from the original file, while in the process of lossy compression you obtain a different file that looks the same without modifying the essential elements. The question that arises so frequently is why bother switching to another format like Mp4 or AVI. The explanation comes from the fact that many streaming devices and Internet browsers, in other words most media players and even the iOS platform favour the MP4 format. This is exactly why it is important to update the file format with the help of a free online video converter.

By converting the current file format not only will you make the clip suitable for the target destination, but this will also clear up a lot of disk space so that you can save even more material on your computer. The greatest benefit is represented by the fact that you can watch your desired videos on every possible device such as laptop, PC, smartphone or tablet. In addition to this, if you happen to download an interesting clip from the web, you will not be able to view the content unless your operating system supports the file format, which it somtimes does not. Popular formats such as MP4 can be played in any program, like Windows Media Player, and you can easily share them with your friends. To conclude, if your device or phone poses any problems, you have to convert the video into another format and there are lots of free of charge apps that you can find online.

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