How to improve video upload time

Whether you are a famous YouTuber with thousands of subscribers that needs to upload videos on a daily basis or you simply wish to upload your latest vacation videos on your Facebook account, the time it usually takes to share a video online especially in high quality is preposterous. It can take hours to upload a twenty minute video you filmed with your GoPro, not to mention that professional YouTubers have an even harder time, because their videos are generally in high definition and they upload many videos per week. There are numerous reasons why uploading can take hours at a time, but the main factors that influence your upload time are the format and size of the file. A video to mp4 converter can help you transform the file into a recognizable format; while a compressor can help reduce its size considerably without losing quality.

It is common knowledge that a smaller sized file will take less time to upload, so compressing the video will help you cut down the upload time considerably. If you do not know how to compress a video, you should not despair, because the process is quite simple. All you need is a file compressor that will reduce the size of the file dramatically without ruining the quality of the video. Make sure you choose a state of the art video compressor that uses complex video codecs to generate an output with no visible quality difference. You can find a reliable converter with a bit of online research and the program will most likely have instructions on how to compress a video. Generally, compressing a file only takes a few moments and you only need to follow a few steps. If your video is not in a format the platform where you plan to upload it can recognize or play, make sure you use a video to mp4 converter first and only afterwards a compressor. Converting a compressed file is not usually recommended as there is always an additional compression step involved in the conversion, which can impact video quality in some cases.

Other factors that can affect video upload time are the quality of your Internet infrastructure and bandwidth allocation, the quality of your equipment and slower Internet connection. It is important to create ideal conditions before you upload your video online to diminish the time you spend uploading. While switching to another Internet provider with a better infrastructure is not always possible, you can make sure that you do not share your connection with other devices when you upload your video. If you have a great number of devices in the house connected to the Wireless network, they can diminish your available bandwidth. Make sure you have a LAN cable connection between your router and PC, because it can also influence the quality of your internet speed, not to mention that upgrading your equipment can also reduce the time spent on uploading video files online. Whilst replacing your old router and hardware will cost you money and might only bring small improvements, compressing the video can reduce the upload time by half easily.

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