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An eBook can be defined as a type of book that is made available in digital format and as a general rule it represents the electronic version of a printed book. However, with the emergence of the new market dedicated to the distribution of electronic books, authors have come to realize that publishing eBooks is much more profitable for them owing to the fact that they become more credible in the eye of the reader. In second place, online self-publishing platforms such as Amazon enjoy great traffic and consequently the author is capable of increasing his visibility and making a name for himself in the business. On the basis of these things it is perfectly clear why many books appear solely in digital format and why the traditional paper printing is at danger of disappearing altogether.

In recent years the popularity of eBooks has certainly overshadowed traditional books. One of the many reasons for which digital books transformed from a niche market into the number one choice of readers all around the world is the fact that they allow the presence of colored text and even video and can be read either on the computer or one the phone and tablet. In addition to this, the main difference is represented by the fact that traditional books may turn out to be expensive to purchase, while with electronic books the reader has the possibility of downloading some material free of charge from the web, as long as the books selected fall into the category of classic works of literature.
In the beginning, the virtual libraries consisted only of works with a scholarly or technical nature, while in present times anyone who surfs the web is able to find anything from romance to fiction. In order to gain popularity with the public, many such online libraries began to offer visitors the possibility of downloading free digital books and this ultimately resulted in the constant demand for new titles and the development of large-scale printing. EBooks have represented an innovation in the sense that the notion of page is discarded altogether and the electronic format allows the reader to zoom in the page.

Electronic books are available in popular format such as PDF and EPUB, which in turn has led to the development of established software companies like Adobe. The truth is that while PDF has become the classic format of digital books, the market was divided between many more formats due to the fact that each e-reader sticks to one format. At present the situation has changed and the majority has consented to the implementation of the Open eBook format. It was not until the year of 2010 that the digital book began to be distributed worldwide and eBook stores online began to develop. However, the market is still being dominated by names such as Hachette, Macmillan and Penguin Random House.
To conclude, in order to be able to transport your favorite titles everywhere with you and indulge in the pleasure of reading, it is necessary to purchase a trusted e-reader such as that manufactured by Kindle or Sony. Besides being able to store up to hundreds of books in the memory of the reader, the consumer has the possibility of connecting to virtual libraries and downloading any title that he desires. The only thing that you cannot do with it is to lend it to a friend.

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