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At present valuable works of literature such as Game of Thrones or Mansfield Park are not published on traditional paper format anymore, but rather the tendency is moving towards the digital format. The reason for which a great many books are being printed in digital form is not surprisingly represented by the fact that electronic publishing is less expensive, but the true explanation is that the digital format is more versatile in point of graphic design and font adjustments.

It is only normal that in the technological era marketing strategies should be adapted to the real world and eBooks have developed in the last years from a niche market to the current trend so that almost any favorite read can be found in PDF of EPUB format. While the fashionableness of the electronic book is more than evident, the issue that stands on the mind of so many authors is the following: how do I publish an eBook?
To begin with, the Kindle is one of the reasons for which the digital book has become so popular among readers. In addition to this, Kindle makes available one of the many self-publishing platforms where authors can advertise their works. The only problem is represented by the fact that numerous authors compete against each other in distributing their work owing to the fact that online environments offer increased chances of getting noticed. The high traffic that some platforms enjoy does not only result in the visibility of the author, but also the prospect of making sales.

Consequently, the market is highly competitive and it is worth knowing which e-book platforms to consider. Platforms such as Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing are a recommended choice, as well as providing comprehensive eBook stores for every taste. While Amazon is the biggest marketplace, it is not necessary to distribute works of literature on high profile sites thus avoiding the fees that are perceived for the right to broadcasting. There are many listing platforms where authors only have to pay the subscription fee after which they are allowed to distribute an unlimited number of books.
Furthermore, there are some details on how to publish an eBook that the author should take into consideration. For instance, the content is not at many times as important as the cover because it is the first thing with which the customers interact. As a result, the cover needs to be eye-catching and this is more easily realized with electronic books because the graphic designer can introduce interactive elements such as vivid image, color text, video and animations. Equally important is to make the book affordable for the reader. According to recent surveys, cheaper eBooks enjoy a lot more distribution than those who are out of the range.
To conclude, there are other distribution options to Amazon such as iBook, Nook, but not only. An author is able to distribute his valuable work on e-commerce websites which now sell digital goods and WordPress is quickly entering the race. The bottom line is that marketing online is the optimal solution in order to make profit and in what concerns authors it does not hurt to communicate more with the audience through the intermediary of social media platforms. Digital books are a certainty of present times and the distribution can cost up to nothing if you know where to turn to.

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