Sapphire ring buying guide for beginners

To begin with, gemstones are the perfect gift for any occasion, whether you are looking forward to make someone a beautiful present or to really impress that someone special with an engagement ring. Although emerald jewelry is a stunning piece to wear by those who like to literally glow due to the fact that emerald is a powerful shade of green that brightens the room with its bluish cast, the truth is that the color blue is nearer to the heart of the buyer. The popularity of blue gemstones is certainly not new. Sapphires have been well treasured over the course of history since the time of queens and princesses, not to mention the fact that even the beloved duchess of Cambridge was asked into marriage with a sapphire engagement ring. Given the fashionableness of blue gemstones in bridal and general wear, it is important to know how to select the right piece in order to make a strong impression and to get your money’s worth.

This alternative to diamonds actually is available in more than one color, practically any color of the rainbow that you can think of such as pink, yellow, green, orange, brown, red, although the classic image that frequently comes in mind is blue. The color may certainly be tempting, but attention must be paid to the measure of hue, tone and saturation. The hue basically describes the color balance and the stronger the nuance is, the more you will have to pay for the stone. Moreover, there are no absolute tones and the color groups frequently overlap. However, you must be careful to choose a medium or even dark shade due to the fact that lighter tones usually have a diluted aspect. When looking to buy a ring, you should always evaluate the saturation of the color which is a strong indicator of the quality of the gemstone. The darker shades are considered to be the less saturated ones.

Furthermore, it is difficult for the buyer and even for experts to make an accurate evaluation of the color of the gemstone because, as opposed to diamonds, sapphires lack a standard grading system that lets the person evaluate the quality. In addition to this, blue gemstones do not have at all uniformity and you will be required to judge at face value. Aside from color, cut is also equally important. Cut does not refer to the overall shape of the gem, but to the angles and facets. A well-cut sapphire will always be symmetrical and it should be able to reflect the light in the right angles. Gem cutters only have to make adjustments when the tone of the gemstone is far too light. All in all, when buying sapphire rings it is important to know that the value, meaning the carat is given by the weight of the stone. Blue gems vary in density and generally speaking they are heavier than other stones and this is the main factor that dictates the price of the piece of jewelry. So if you are looking for stones will fewer carats, they will be smaller.

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