Best Android apps of 2015 so far

So far, the year 2015 seems promising in terms of quality Android apps and games, so whether you have an Android smartphone or tablet, you have plenty of options to spend your time. The following list includes some of the best rated and most downloaded applications in Google Play and includes a little bit of everything: productivity apps, entertainment, games, photo editing and more.

One of the highest rated on the list of 10 best Android apps is Adobe Photoshop Mix, the mobile, compact version of the well-known photo editing software. If you only edit photos casually for social networks, it might seem a bit complicated, but if you’re looking for more than preset filters, give it a go. If you’re a fan of Google services, then Snapseed is also a great choice: it’s free and offers a lot of professional photo editing features that beginners and pros alike can enjoy. In terms of productivity, SwiftKey Keyboard remains the top downloaded app, especially since it became free to download. Few other apps can compare to its personalized typing experience, so give it a try if you text a lot. Another top hit in the same category is the Twilight, which can actually be good for your eye health. The app changes the color of the screen depending on the time of day, neutralizing the blue screen light that can harm your eyes when you use the phone at night. Moving on to health app, Runtastic PRO says in the top 10, simply because it offers the full set of apps for health and fitness. It costs $4.99, but it has a lot of features and it’s a small price to pay for your health.

As for the 10 best Android games, one of the most popular ones right now is Although it was launched on Google Play only a short while ago, it already had a huge fanbase because the game was initially browser-based. The aim of the game is to create a cell and survive by growing and eating other players. There is only one server in the mobile version, which makes it very difficult and competitive, but the game is also quite addicting, so once you install it, it will probably become the only game you play for days. 2015 is also the year when Monument Valley was released in Google Play, something that fans have been waiting for months. It’s an incredibly creative and immersive puzzle game that has one of best soundtracks of all time and it is worth more than its price. Retro games have made a comeback and the most downloaded one is definitely Crossy Road, which, with its fun characters and nostalgia graphics, is impossible not to love. Last, but not least, if you’re more into action and racing games, you have to play Angry Birds Go!, Riptide GP2 and Marvel Contest of Champions. Or, if you’re more of a casual gamer, you can go for whatever King releases; their games are some of the most downloaded but editor ratings don’t seem to reflect any outstanding quality.

For the full list of 10 best Android apps and 10 best Android games, please click on these links!

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