O-ring: The most versatile seal for mechanical applications

To begin with, O-rings have been used prior to the Second World War and they are still considered to be irreplaceable in machine design due to the fact that they are virtually inexpensive, but not also. Its name is derived from the fact that it is ring-shaped which has led to the popularity of the model owing to the fact that it can seal in cross section. The purpose of the gasket is to seal a connection between matt surfaces and the gasket can be used with success both in the dynamic and static application. Generally speaking, they can be manufactured from a multitude of materials, but they are most commonly made from polyurethane, silicone and neoprene. The gasket is normally placed in a groove or housing in order to keep it in place and this happens because the surfaces get close and form a gland so as to squeeze the cross-section of the gasket. The type of mechanical application that is targeted by the gasket is pipe connection and they are also used in order to seal valves, pumps and cylinders.

The ring basically obstructs the leak path of the fluid between two spaces that are put close together. Most of times, sealers are used in the aerospace engineering Ottawa industry in order to build spacecraft. It is imperative that a faulty ring not be placed in high technical constructions such as aircrafts due to the fact that a malfunction can endanger lives. The simple and genuine design of the gasket is the reason for which this piece of material is so popular in the construction industry.
Equally important is the fact that they are able to resist to a large amount of pressure and that is why they are used particularly for applications which simply cannot allow the presence of weak leaks or loss of pressure. The O-ring Ottawa is compressed with the help of a durometer or cross-section diameter. What provides the strength of the seal at very low pressures is the elasticity of the gasket. The fact is that elastomer has a special capacity for maintaining its original shape for a long period of time and in the course of low-pressure applications this natural tendency is what forms the seal. In the case applications where high pressure is applied elastomer is restrained as a result of the fluid pressure.

The main reason for which the gasket is so versatile and dependable is the fact that circular cross section can be adapted to axial, radial and angular squeeze. In addition to this, a gasket can be sealed in both directions and it is incredibly easy to maintain due to the fact that it only requires regular retightening of the bolts. Besides the fact that a gasket absorbs metal tolerance stack-up, the compound is designed to resist extreme environmental conditions. To conclude, gaskets are made available in all metric sizes and they are so popular owing to the fact that they can seal lots of megapascals of pressure. What you may know is the fact that a gasket is present also in furniture and decorative objects as well, not to mention body jewelry.

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