How to regain your health after knee replacement surgery

Many people undergo knee surgery as a result of the fact that they have suffered injuries such as joint dislocation and surgery is the only possible course of action. Right after the procedure the patient is taken to the recovery room and monitored until he recovers and is capable of leaving the hospital. Those who have gone through the same thing know perfectly well the scenario. At present patella replacement surgery is performed by Sydney knee specialists using non-invasive techniques that are destined to reduce the amount of time that the patient must spend in the hospital. After having gone through a procedure that for most people is scary, the patient is sent home after a week or two in order to continue his rehabilitation. Even though the hard part has passed the patient must take his recovery seriously and the fact is that the first days after having been discharged are crucial.

The family of the patient has to be there for him every step of the way because in the beginning the family member will experience a feeling of tiredness and it is likely that he will not be able to move around. The inability of the person to move his leg can represent a major cause of frustration for many people, especially if it is accompanied by inflammation or even slight pain. The family can make sure that the patient takes the prescribed medication and monitor the progression of the rehabilitation. Contrary to popular belief, there are fewer chances that the patient will experience complications after surgical intervention due to the fact that the procedure carried out by the Sydney knee specialists has high success rates. Possible complications that can occur are represented by joint infection that can be caused by bacteria and blood clots. However, these are very rare and this is the reason for which surgical patients are required to come to regular follow-ups. Follow-ups are generally scheduled at every three weeks following the medical intervention. In addition to this, the family is the one who is required to permanently communicate with the medical staff and to assure that the beloved family member is present for the scheduled appointments.

Moreover, post-operative care implies taking care that the incision resulted from the operation. Generally speaking the patient has stiches and staples in the place where the incision has been made and they need to be eliminated and replaced with new ones. Besides this, right before leaving the hospital the incision is covered up by a dry dressing in order to protect it. To conclude, besides all these precautions, a proper rehabilitation scheme is accompanied by physical therapy. The role of physical activity that is done under the supervision of a specialist that is usually appointed by the hospital and that has the role of helping the patient regain mobility in the leg and slowly but surely accustom him with normal physical activities. The increase of mobility is done through regular exercise and even walking that helps regain the control over the leg.

How to regain your health after knee replacement surgery

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