Why your restaurant needs a portable card machine

Owning a restaurant is all about excellent food and great customer service. Many restaurants have lost their customers because they were unable to rise to their expectations in terms of service, even though their food was very good. Part of a good service is the ability to bring the check fast and be able to accept any type of payment. These days, many people prefer to pay with their credit cards, because they prefer not to carry around with them too much cash. To this extent, a portable card machine will do wonders for your business, as your servers will be able to complete transactions directly at the client’s table.

While some restaurants have countertop card payment machines and thus are able to accept credit card, this is no longer acceptable in terms of time. The waiter would have to take the client’s credit card to the payment processor and afterwards bring back the receipt. Many errors can occur this way and a significant amount of time is wasted. When everything is done at the table, the client receives the receipt immediately and thus the table can get cleared faster. Some restaurant owners are reluctant to implement portable card machine systems because this does require a certain investment at first, especially because depending on the size of the restaurant, you will probably need several devices. However, considering that the tables will be cleared faster, more clients will be sited by the end of the day and thus the profits will grow. The work will get out that your restaurant offers impeccable services and your image will be improved.

Another major benefit of pay-at-table systems is the fact that they have lowered the risk of fraud and identity theft. Since the entire transaction is done in front of the client, everything is transparent and there is no room for mistakes or misunderstanding. With the increasing use of credit cards, identity theft cases have also grown in the last few years, so as a manager you want to offer your patrons the chance to feel safe when they dine in your establishment and in return, they will be grateful. Modern card payment machines are equipped with various security features, but even so, it is much more reassuring to see the transaction yourself, rather than seeing a waiter go off with your credit card.

To conclude, portable credit card machines have become an invaluable tool for any modern restaurant. Even though you will have to make an investment, at the end of the day everything will have been worth it and you will have a modern establishment that can respond to the demands of its clients. Considering that there are many card processing companies available on the market, you can rest assured that you will not have any problems in finding the right services for your needs. Always take your time to study all offers available on the market, just to be confident with your choice and make an advantageous deal.

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