The hidden dangers of commercial soap

To begin with, many people cannot even imagine the dangers that commercial cleansers represent for our health. The reason for which commercial cleansers have such a bad reputation is due to the fact that in reality they are far from being soaps at all. As opposed to natural face soap, what you are most likely to find on the shelves of supermarkets are actually a deadly combination of toxins. Some are even of the opinion that the products that the ordinary consumer purchases from the local store are no more than solvents, in other words detergents. This is of special concern for scientists, but for ordinary people as well, owing to the fact that anything that is applied to the skin or makes contact with it is absorbed directly into the blood stream. Many chemicals such as parabens and sodium laureate sulphate are known to cause various skin irritations and even eczemas.

Eczema can be defined as the skin condition that appears as the result of the fact that the skin loses its ability to retain moisture and this is just one of the negative effects of commercial soaps. This is due to the fact that the absence of glycerine in the composition leads to the drying of the skin. Companies introduce these chemicals into the composition in order to imitate natural fragrances without even considering the fact that many of them are carcinogens. This is not the case with natural face soap. In the process of saponification manufacturers of unrefined products use only glycerine that is not only non-toxic, but it a good skin moisturiser. Glycerine is obtained from animal fats and vegetable oils and is very useful for holding the soap molecules together. In addition to this, unprocessed cleansers lack the artificial fragrances and colours that are introduced in cleansers and other cosmetics. The fragrances of unrefined cleansers are obtained from essential oils that can also have therapeutic effects on the consumer.

Based on what has been presented above it is obvious why specialist recommend the use of unrefined products. Not only is the manufacturing process easier but the traditional way of making cleansers is the safest. In the first place, they are processed at cold temperatures and natural ingredients such as oils, butter and glycerine are used for saponification. This is done without adding any artificial fragrances or additives. There are multiple benefits to the use of natural cleansers. Due to the fact that handmade soaps preserve the integrity of the oils and fats, they will be absorbed into the skin and moisturize it, while at the same time helping the skin develop a barrier. Moreover, they do not contain any hypoallergenic ingredients that can cause rashes or eczemas. In order to know what cleanser to choose it is necessary to look at the ingredient list and avoid abusive chemicals and it is advisable to make sure that the plant used in the mixture are certified as being organic. To conclude, avoid putting dangerous chemicals on your skin and select only natural products.

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