Things about bounce houses you did not know

There is nothing better than a bounce house, when you are having a garden party and little guests to entertain. While adults are fully content with drinks and food, kids are not as easy to please. They will find this type of party boring and start looking for other things to do immediately, which is bad news for you, because a large group of kids can do a lot of damage in the shortest time. If you wish to make your daughter or son’s birthday party a success and keep your expensive vase safe, you should look into Chicago bounce house rentals. The companies providing this type of services will manage everything from setting the bouncing castle up to taking it down, so you will have one thing less to worry about when organizing the party. Creating a fun filled environment should always be your priority when it comes to birthday parties, so bounce castles are the perfect choice. However, you need to take into consideration a couple of thing before looking into bounce house rentals Chicago options.

1. There are numerous types of bouncy castles

Whether we talk about the choice in color, size and theme, bounce houses are of so many different types, that it is hard to believe. This is good news, because you can get a inflatables in the favorite color of your kid, as well as invest more money to make things even more fun and get a bounce house with obstacles.

2. You need to take age into consideration

If the main participants to the event are very small children, you need to rent a Chicago bounce house designed for small children. Getting bouncy houses of the right size is important, because it ensures the safety of the kids. If you need to accommodate groups of children of different ages, you should rent each group a house, because bouncing together with bigger kids is difficult for small kids.

3. Choose the location wisely

Before you start exploring your bounce house rentals Chicago options, you should first think whether you have the necessary space to install the bouncer. The location is essential, so choose carefully. You need to look for a space without overhead wires, away from the fence, and clear of rocks and stones, as to not damage the material.

4. Installation is complex

Never rent a bounce castle from a company that does not include installation. Bouncers are difficult to set up and time-consuming, especially if you do not know what to do. If the bouncy castle is not installed properly, the risk factor increases too. Fortunately, most renting companies have professional service technicians that handle the installation process.

5. You need power

Contrary to expectations, setting up a bouncy castle in the middle of nowhere is not possible, because it requires electricity to stay inflated. Most people rent bounce houses and plan to set them up in their yard without arranging for a power outlet thinking that the house once inflated, will stay inflated.

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