Why should you avoid carbs in your diet?

To begin with, it is widely known that carbohydrates are one of the main sources of energy of the human body. Nevertheless, many are aware of the fact that carbs can represent a true threat to the silhouette and this is because carbs can determine you to gain weight. The main income of carbohydrates comes from sugar, bread, and even fruit and vegetables which means that the consumption of carbohydrates is hard to avoid. Nevertheless, you can do this with the help of a macronutrients ratio plan. The reason for which carbs make you fact is the fact that they stimulate the retention of water in the human body.

Except for fibers, virtually all carbs are transformed by the body into glucose, which represents a risk factor for diabetics. It has been acknowledged that after consuming large quantities of carbs the glucose that enters the body causes a rise in the bloodstream and consequently the pancreas is forced to produce enough insulin so as to eliminate the excess glucose. The trick is that insulin is the main cause for fat storage due to the fact that fats are not capable of obtaining any responses from the insulin and instead of being transformed into body fat, it is converted into glycogen. Basically, the body transforms the carbs that are ingested into glucose and what is left from this process is converted into glycogen that is stored in the liver and muscles. The problem is that glycogen stimulates the muscle tissues to retain more water than usual which is the main reason for which many people notice a rise in the scale numbers and why after the elimination of carbs from the diet is reflected into a quick weight loss. Given that the body can store a minimum amount of glycogen, it is stored in the form of fat.

Carbohydrates are part of the category known as macronutrients. A macronutrients diet plan revolves around three main categories: carbs, proteins and fats. In order to be able to keep consuming other nutrients it is essential to lower the energy intake represented by carbs. The idea is that o the everyday diet should consist of nutrients and that people should lower the levels of toxicity. What actually leads to weight gain is the fact that people choose to consume carbs over proteins based on the conception that carbs increase the level of satiation, which is false. In order to maintain satiation as long as possible and to avoid consuming fats such as sugar or even bread, it is important to get a good intake of protein. To sum up, in order to lose weight while at the same time maintaining a healthy lifestyle it is important to avoid food that does not feed the body such as pasta and most of all to avoid the so-called “foods” that are highly addictive and high in sugar levels. What is more, when going on a low-carb diet it is important to correctly rationalize the intake of carbs and if possible to eliminate them from the diet. The key is to maintain a balance and not starve yourself.

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